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Our prices are only estimations and can vary depending on the condition of the coat, complexity of the haircut requested, and the size, temperament, health, and cooperation of your pet.


Bath & Brush

A bath and brush is recommended for dogs with short coats similar to Short-Haired Chihuahuas, Pugs and Boxers. Prices can range depending on the size of your pet and temperament.


                                                                                     Full Haircut

Full haircuts are recommended for long-haired dogs similar to Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, and Poodles. Prices can range between $65-$120, again, depending on the size, type of haircut, and coat condition and temperament.


                                                                                           Grooming For Cats

We provide a complete range of services for grooming your cat. From baths to complete haircuts, prices can range anywhere between $85.00 and up, depending on condition and temperament of the cat and services requested. We also do maintenance brushing without a bath to reduce shedding and matting. Prices for this service can varies  depending on temperament, coat condition and time between visits.

We DO NOT sedate any of the pets that are in our care in any way.

Our Prices Include: A nail trim and/or file so they are smooth with no sharp edges, flushing/cleaning of the ears, expressing the anal sacks, and a shampoo and condition. We hand dry all dogs. We DO NOT cage dry.

Because the condition of the coat, temperament, and complexity of the haircut can greatly vary from pet to pet, these prices are only an estimate and are intended to give you a general idea of our pricing.

We DO NOT accept overly aggressive pets for our employees’ safety as well as your pet’s. 

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